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1	CS16-CultureWell with Removable Chambered Coverglass Zoom

CS16-CultureWell™ with Removable Chambered Coverglass, 16 Well, No. 1.5 DESAG Coverglass, STERILE - SKU: 112358 - 8 PACK

SKU: 112358

CS16 CultureWell™ removable chambered coverglass is a 16-well chambered coverglass cell culture vessel, with 2 x 8 format with standard 96 well plate volumes and well spacing. The non-cytotoxic silicone well gaskets form a leak-proof seal between the polystyrene upper structure and coverglass. Product is sterile and ready to use. Chambered Coverglass allows high resolution imaging in the same vessel used for cell culture. The bottom of the wells are No. 1.5 German borosilicate coverglass. Coverglass may be separated from the chambers for mounting fixed cells.

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