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Custom Manufacturing

Contact a scientistThe cornerstone of Grace Bio-Labs’ evolution and success has been our unique capacity to envision and design tools to facilitate protein and cell analysis research and discovery. Over the past 30 years, Grace Bio-Labs has developed a proprietary repertoire of manufacturing materials and methods that meet customer specifications with regards to tolerances, bio-compatibility, and assay conditions. Our scientists partner with our customers to rapidly build prototypes that enable scaled development and manufacturing. We pride ourselves in our exceptional depth of experience in:

Fluidics Design

The simple and elegant designs of our products allow for innovative and distinctive research and molecular analysis. Our fluidics designs are characterized by their abilities to:

  • Facilitate rapid and economical set up for cell and molecular analysis
  • Assure quality and efficiency with their bio-compatibility and chemical resistance
  • Incorporate the use of materials that do not contribute to fluorescent background to facilitate the expanded use of fluorescent labels
  • Provide devises for smaller scale experiments thereby equally meeting the compatibility needs both for robotic liquid handling for high throughput and smaller scale phases

Nitrocellulose Coatings

Grace Bio-Labs invented the porous nitrocellulose Film-coating technology that underlies the Film-Slide and Film-Plate product lines sold by Grace, GE and Schott.  ONCYTE® Film were originally invented to increase the sensitivity of in situ assays for proteins and RNA’s in cells in a process we call Cytocoherent Transfer. The replacement of conventional glass slides with Film-Slides for these in situ applications increased assay sensitivity by preventing the diffusional loss of analyte from cells during fixation and processing.

Since that time, Film-Slides have become widely used in various microarray applications utilizing proteins, peptides, glycoproteins, and carbohydrates.  As research continues to expand, modifications and new applications continue to grow as well.  Grace Bio-Labs remains at the forefront of exploring how to support these evolving discoveries.
Specialized Assay Reagents
Critical to the success of any bioanalytical assay validation is the type, stability and blocking capacity of the reagents used. As Grace Bio-Labs has expanded the types of slides and slide surfaces available for microarray applications, we have in turn, expanded our capacity to develop reagents that cultivate specific binding capacities, maximize assay signals and minimize background.
Our most recent product, QBlock Protein Microarray Blocking Buffer, was designed based on our need for a buffer that blocks non-specific protein binding on nitrocellulose substrates that also maximized signals and minimized background from assays utilizing Quantum Nanoparticles (QNP’s).

OEM Collaborations
Grace Bio-Labs works with a host of biotechnology companies and research universities to design, develop and deliver products that allow them to provide products and services that remain at the forefront of an industry that is evolving exponentially.  Collaborating with Grace Bio-Labs facilitates efficiencies and innovation, maximizing your capacities in research and analysis rather than in development and manufacturing.  Let us know what you and your company are exploring and we can support you in making that a reality.