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Theralin®: Tissue and Cell Fixative

Theralin Fixative

Developed by scientists at George Mason University, TheraLin® fixative allows for standardization of biopsy collection, fixation, and the pathologist’s workflow, providing equivalent immunohistochemistry and cytological assessment to standard formalin fixation, including H&E staining, and does not interfere with antigen retrieval for a variety of immunostaining procedures. It requires no special handling, can be used at ambient temperatures, and collected biopsies can be stored prior to processing at refrigeration temperatures (4ºC). Samples can be processed using standard methodologies for ethanol based embedding in paraffin, and blocks can be stored for extended periods for future analysis. 

Which Theralin Formaulation is optimal for my application, Cell or Tissue Fixative? 

TheraLin ® is a registered trademark of Theranostics Health Inc.
US Patent 8460859