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Poster Presentation for the National Cancer Institute’s 15th Annual IMAT Principle Investigators Meeting

November 13-15, 2014


Validation of a novel one-step tissue fixation chemistry that preserves phosphoproteins and histomorphology


A significant and underappreciated issue is the fact that excised tissue is alive and reacting to ex vivo stress [1]. During this “cold ischemia time” cells within the tissue react and adapt to the absence of vascular perfusion, ischemia, hypoxia, acidosis, and accumulation of cellular waste. Challenged by the realization that phosphoprotein signaling pathways were reactive and fluctuating immediately following procurement, we developed a non-formalin fixative chemistry for the preservation of biomarker molecules and histomorphology in one step, in epithelial and calcified tissues, using standard clinical pathology processing protocols [2] (US Patent #8,460,859).


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Announcing ArrayCAM!

Grace Bio-Labs is proud to introduce the ArrayCAM Protein Profiling System,changing the face of diagnosis and monitoring of disease development and progression.

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We are proud to announce that Grace Bio-Labs has entered into a Product LIcensing agreement withTheranostics Health, Inc. for the manufacture and market distribution of Theranostic’s novel tissue preservative, TheraLin®

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